Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reminder: Alberta Trapper's Association President to speak at the Museum

Gordy Klassen, president of the Alberta Trapper's Association, is coming this weekend to the Peace River Museum to speak to historical and contemporary trapping in Alberta. He will be here on November 17th at 7pm and the event is free.

You can also visit Gordy Klassen's webpage at

We invite all our hunters, trappers and interested community members to come and hear Gordy speak!

Peace River Archives #87.1489.14

Monday, November 5, 2012

Daniel Wheeler Featured Artist

Dan Wheeler has been pursuing his passion for capturing shape, form and light textures through the lens of a digital camera for over thirty years. The black and white works on exhibit for the month of November portray the soft shapes of a lily, a snow dusted dove of an historic sculpture at Dunvegan, the lines of aspen trees draped by prayer cloths in the Kootenai and the shadows of a window at the historic St.Augustine Church.
Dan likes to draw the viewer's eyes to the details his camera finds once he has explored the object or scene as a whole. His love of hiking and climbing offers an abundance of opportunities to slow down and really see his surroundings. Dan produces his own photographs and has recently experimented with sugar cane paper, a renewable resource, as a medium. This exhibit will be up for the month of November and there is no fee to view.