Friday, January 23, 2015

Pow Wow Calendar 2015

The Museum is proud to be an outlet for the 2015 Pow Wow calendar. For $15 you will not only  be supporting the inspiring work of the fundraising committee who organize and manage the annual Pow Wow and Aboriginal Gathering  for our area but you will receive a high quality photographic production encapsulating the dynamic colour and movement of this heritage and cultural event.

The calendar is photographed by recognized Grande Prairie artist Robert Wiebe and the production was designed by Tormaigh VanSlyke and Jenelle Lizotte creative proprietors of the Move Up magazine. What a celebration and demonstration of regional talents this calendar is. Congratulations to the Pow Wow Committee and everyone involved!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The year 2015, like last year, is filled with historic celebrations.  Reaching the pinnacle of 100th is the  Masonic Lodge in Peace River and the first postal service to Peace River Crossing, to name but two. It will be 110 years since the Shaftesbury Trail was surveyed and 105 years for the survey of the Grouard/ Peace River Trail.  In terms of more contemporary history, it will also be the 25th anniversary of Daishowa-Marubeni Peace River Pulp Mill (DMI).  The Museum will partner with DMI on an exhibit featuring a historical and environmental perspective of the boreal forest, titled “When a Tree Falls in the Forest”.
Artist Jessie Rovang setting up her 'pulp' dolls.

Ironically, this month’s artist, Jessie Rovang, is showing, amongst her watercolours and photography, handmade dolls she created  from DMI pulp.

           Wood worker and artist Ken Ayre installing new shelves.
Carrying on with the northern boreal forest theme, we were recently recipients of a beautifully crafted set of shelves of area spruce from  local woodworker and artist Ken Ayre. His well-known furniture can be found in our galleries offering comfy spaces for contemplation and enjoyment.  This recent acquisition came to us from the generosity of Carol and Dave VanSlyke, who gave their father and father-in-law John Vanslyke, a donation to our Museum as his Christmas gift.  This donation, combined with a donation from Heritage Run organizers – the Peace River Running Club, we now have our Gift Shop history books displayed for sale on a work of art.

Our sincere thanks to the VanSlykes and the Running Club for this new shelving unit and to Ken Ayre for the creative wood work!

History books displayed on new shelves in the Gift Shop