Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Visit to Lac Cardinal!

This week some of our staff members went on a field trip to the Lac Cardinal Pioneer Village Museum (just outside of Grimshaw) to discover some of the adventures available in our own backyard.

Lac Cardinal's Pioneer Village Museum is truly one of the Peace Country's hidden treasures. It is a unique opportunity to wander down a Main Street and Farm of a typical small town in the 1920's - 1940's.

There really is no better way to experience the Peace Region's history than to walk through the Pioneer Village.

All of the buildings, businesses and homes are open for visitors to walk through and are brimming with interesting artifacts, antiques and curios from the past. The General Store is stocked with every odd and end that the enterprising pioneer would ever need.

Buildings like the bakery, Strong Creek Hall, MD Office, and Post Office are full of period detail. When you step inside charming Hassell School (above) you can almost see the students pledging their allegiance to Queen and country.

The former Worsley Catholic Church even has a working church bell with a wonderful sound.

This is the Old Cook Shack which functioned as cook's quarters and a kitchen and a mess hall for the threshing crews - all in this tiny little trailer!

There are plenty of opportunities to interact with artifacts, including this stereoscope (a retro Victorian 3D picture device).

Some historical gas prices (56 cents a gallon!).

This blacksmith's shop has a collection of hand crafted tools donated by a local blacksmith who created every one of his tools for each job that he performed.

The Museum is built and maintained by a passionate group of volunteers. We would like to thank our informative and entertaining guide, Selma (the Pioneer Village's Collection Manager) who is standing on the left with our Archivist, Wendy.

Admission to the Pioneer Village is free (Although donations are appreciated). Its location next to Queen Elizabeth Park makes it an ideal place to spend an afternoon of exploration during this coming long weekend.

The Museum is open 11 - 5 p.m until mid-September.

For more information, call the Pioneer Museum at 332-2030.

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