Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Artist of the Peace: Sonia Rosychuk

For just over two years now, the Peace River Museum, Archives and Mackenzie Centre have been working with artists of the region to put their work on display. Our Art Wall, in the front area of the Museum rotates on a monthly basis to showcase the talent that the Peace Region has to offer.

To view only the Artist of the Peace, there is FREE admission! (A nominal $2 admission applies for the rest of Museum.)

For the month of April, we have Sonia Rosychuck. She says about her art: "The work I create comes from thing I value, issues that concern me and beliefs I hold dear. This art is the result of my love and reverence of our natural envrionment and the challenge of using found or recycled materials to reduce consumption and waste..."

We also would like to thank Rhonda Warren, of the Peace River Art Club for her tireless work scheduling our Artists of the Peace!

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