Thursday, May 5, 2011

Results of the Unchaga Run

The Fourth Annual Unchaga Run took place on Shaftesbury Trail on May 1st. There were 154 runners. The top three winners each division were:
1. Zachary Billard, 22:21.67
2. Andrea Taylor, 25:48.14
3. Liam McCracken, 28:02.28
1. Brandon Duvall, 39:40.89
2. Ken Wurst, 42:02.14
3. Tammy Burrows, 42:14.05
1. Joe Larsback, 1:37:30.25
2. Laverna Hards, 1:51:51.08
3. Toni Craig, 1:55:28.09

And here are our runners, preparing to set off!

 An estimated $2500 dollars was raised for the Peace Regional Outreach Campus. Seen below is Stacy Parsons (left), the organizer of the Unchaga Run, presenting a cheque to Outreach staff: Dave Matilpi and Carol vanSlyke and Peace River School Division #10 trustee, Louise Woroniuk.

The following volunteers are sincerely appreciated for their help in this event: Lorri, Kevin, Kayla, Ed, Mike, Stacy and Cal. Also, a special thank you goes out to Dave Matilpi for the Blessing.

Sponsors for the event were: InVision Chartered Accountants, Grande Prairie Run and Walk Club, Peace River Running Club, River Rock Restaurant, Peace Safety and Environment Training Ltd., Town of Peace River, Tim Horton's and Wolves Athletic Club.

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