Monday, January 30, 2012

The Peace River Museum is an Andrew Family Grant finalist!

The Peace River Museum is happy to announce that we selected as one of the final six for the Andrew Family Grant through the Rotary Club!

Our proposal is to use the funds bequested by Dorothy Wittmeyer (nee Andrew) for two purposes. The first is to establish a five year position at the Museum which will focus on educational and outreach programming and collections management. The second will be to establish a Andrew Family Heritage Endowment Fund which will make funds available to groups with heritage related projects.

The Rotarians from Eugene, Oregon will be visiting in early February and we hope everyone in the community will make them feel welcome. We will be presenting to them during their visit and we wish luck to the other groups presenting as well. To whomever the funds are awarded, we know it will be for the betterment of our great community!

For more information on this grant, please visit the following links:

Andrew family forged a Peace River bond (written by our very own Beth Wilkins!)

And then there were six: applicants short-listed for Andrew Grant:

Deadline to apply for grant that will benefit entire community rapidly approaching:

Andrew Grant Application Form:

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