Monday, October 22, 2012

From Peace River to Paris: Fashionable Furs of our Century

Just in time for the winter months, we invite you to view our current exhibit "From Peace River to Paris – Fashionable Furs of the Century" featuring fur coats and accessories from our collection. The exhibit includes the story of trapping in northern Alberta, both from a historical and contemporary perspective. The opening reception will be held October 27th from 3 – 5pm with guests Dave Cummings from Fairview and our own Ruth Kidder speaking about their history with furs and trapping in the Peace at 3:30pm.
Excerpts from the Record Gazette newspaper demonstrate trapping activity in the 1950s:
1950-12-07  Little Red River - Trapping is underway. It is reported there will be a plentiful supply of fox while supplies of other furs will be moderate.
1951-01-18  Peace River District - Severe weather and heavy snow at the start of the winter season provided a setback to trapping operations, when combined with higher prices in most lines has made operations more attractive.
Squirrels continue to provide the bulk of the catch with weasel in short supply. Red and cross fox are reported to be in more plentiful supply than last year.
1951-06-14 - North Salt Prairie - Louis Auger came out from fur trapping Saturday. He says water and lakes are high, making it difficult to get furs this year.
Visit the Museum to read more about the Record Gazette coverage of trapping in the Peace.

As part of this exhibit, Alberta Trappers Association President, Gordy Klassen will be the next speaker at the Museum on November 17th, thanks to the support of the Peace River Trappers Local 1195.

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