Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Artist of the Month - Katy Gill

The featured artist for the month of June is Katy Gill. Katy has recently arrived in Peace River, from Toronto. Her acrylic paintings evoke a sense of interconnectedness she feels with nature and the contemporary world around her. Her introspective journeys into the relationships between the earth's flora and fauna and human-animal awareness are reflected in works like "Too fast, too young" which speaks to the power and the demise of the bison. Another piece depicts Angelique LePretre, a Beaver woman, who was a historical figure in the Town of Peace River. 

Katy is also an accomplished poet and creative writer. You will be able to read some of her compositions on this same art wall. 

The art wall is sponsored by the Peace of Art club and the Museum is thankful for their contributions to our exhibits. 
A close-up of one portion of Katy Gill's piece "Too fast, too young".

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