Friday, August 1, 2014

Alberta Heritage Days!

This weekend across Alberta, people will be experiencing, tasting, listening and viewing the roots of Alberta's history. The Peace Country is hosting fairs, rodeos, art and museum exhibits and tours as ways to entice us to explore our heritage and our natural environment. With this in mind, our Museum is offering tours of the St. Augustine Mission Church and Cemetery between 1 and 4pm on August 3rd. Pack a picnic lunch, take a drive along the historic Shaftesbury Trail (Highway 684) and stop at the little church to learn about the early agricultural and spiritual life at the mission. Then on August 4th meet us at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery at 10:30am for a tour that will remind you of veterans from World War I, Councillors and newspaper editors of the past and firefighters who once protected our community, all in commemoration of 100 years as Peace River Crossing. Later the same afternoon, a walking tour of the downtown area, starting at the Museum at 1pm, will highlight some milestones in our 100 year history. these tours will go, rain or shine, so do come prepared. As we celebrate our 100 years as a community, we are reminded of our own role today in making Peace River a fine community to live in!

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