Saturday, September 19, 2015

Diverse artistic expression takes artist out of comfort zone

Featured for the month of September at the Museum are the diverse works of local artist Jesse Anne Rovang. As one can see, the term diverse is not used lightly in describing Jesse’s creative talents.

There are artists, who seem to be content to work in only a few mediums. There are artists, who are not content unless they have explored a multitude of mediums and styles. There are artists, who are not content because there is more to explore, so little time in which to do it, and so many diverse ways to express their creative nature.

Well, Jesse Anne (née Green) Rovang is one, who, since 1971, has not run out of ways to express her creative talent. The local artist is also Don’s partner in farming, so the countryside and its inhabitants – whether it be flora, fauna or equipment – in all seasons, are stimuli.

Although Jesse’s artwork is diverse, her favourite medium is watercolours. “It is so gentle and expressive.” That may be true, but she has the audacity to venture out of her comfort zone into oils, acrylics (she can become one with it), working with fungi on pulp with blueing (because of the chance she takes each time), leaves, and found antlers and horns.

Her works have sold widely and been applauded, not only locally, but also worldwide and may be seen in many corporate offices throughout the province and beyond.

Jesse’s artwork also ventures into the realm of food – specifically, wild and tame berry jams and jellies – wild strawberry the ultimate favourite.

Jesse’s varied artwork is featured for the month of September at the Peace River Museum, Archives and Mackenzie Centre.

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