Friday, May 6, 2016

Artists of the Month - May 2016

Tanys Oxman with her students' work

Glenmary School -  FNMI Art Class

The members of the Peace of Art club sponsor and organize the art wall at the Peace River Museum, Archives and Mackenzie Centre for monthly exhibits of local and regional artists. Every May the art wall focus is on student art from the region. Peace of Art and the Museum & Archives share the value of nurturing young people to explore the personal expressions that the visual arts offers artist and viewer alike.

This May features the work of Glenmary School First Nations, Métis and Inuit Art Projects under the leadership of Tanys Oxman. Ms. Oxman inspired the students to research a Canadian Aboriginal visual artist that impressed them. Their research gave them understanding about the artist’s life, artistic style and what inspired their work. From this research, the students then created a their own art work based on one of those artists.

Inspired by Norval Morisseau
Canadian artists selected by these students included Norval Morisseau, Roy Henry Vickers, Aaron Paquette and Robert Houle.


As well, Ms. Oxman taught the students how to create traditional beaded works and the teachings behind the different motifs used. For first time beaders, Ms. Oxman is most impressed with the quality each student invested in their work.

"Roy Henry Vickers inspired me because of the way his background colours blend and go together.” Hannah



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