Friday, June 10, 2016

Artist for the Month of May

Alain Belzile’s works, currently on exhibit on the art wall, are vibrant, bold and full of texture.  You will see by this exhibit that he has impressive creative  facility with canvass and paint. 

Alain is a native of Peace River who first schooled in fine arts at  Red Deer College and later in graphic design at Grande Prairie Regional College.  He says he has always ‘been an artist at heart’.  As a student at Glenmary School he was awarded the Best Artist and credits teacher Sheena Wolfe (nee McNiff) as a strong influence in his decision to further his art. He believes that passion for your work is more critical than technical know-how.

Alain’s work as a graphic artist, creating brochures, advertising, logos and other promotional products has kept him busily employed in the Peace over the years. Pursuing both art forms taps into his desire to be expressive in both the world of computer design and textual art.

He says that creativity is the driving force behind his ideas for promotional items and his painting. While at Red Deer College he experimented with glass blowing, sculpture and bronze casting. You can see these influences in the works on exhibit.
No admission is charged to view this exhibit and other art works in the Museum Gift Shop.




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