Monday, August 15, 2011

Cabinets of Curiosity Family Fun Day

The museum’s current exhibition, Cabinets of Curiosity, was our way of finding more space during our collections inventory. Right now, we have over 3,000 objects on display; usually the number of artifacts on display is only about 150. This means 2,850 more objects to discover and stories to tell!

In the time that we’ve had this exhibit open to the public, we’ve received many wonderful comments, so we thought to spend an afternoon celebrating these new cabinets.

What better way to celebrate the cabinets than with a family fun day! The cabinets are as they suggest, curious, so we invite you in to get involved in the exhibit and have some fun. We have a treasure hunt, words games, puzzles, and a dress-up station with historic hats, shoes, vests and much more. You even get the opportunity to be a museum curator; to do what we do and decide which objects to put in your cabinet, arrange them, help them tell a story and then name your curious cabinet.

There is fun for all ages, so bring the entire family and try out some of our activities.

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