Friday, August 26, 2011

A Wonderful Family Fun Day

This past Saturday, August 20th, the Peace River Museum had its Cabinets of Curiosities Family Fun Day. The afternoon was filled with much laughter, discovery, and fun. Our visitors treasure hunted, they dressed up in many hats, sometimes more than one at a time, vests, military jackets, RCMP red coats, ceintures fléchées, and high-heeled shoes. They curated (designed, installed, and named) their own cabinets of curiosities with our education artifacts. They coloured butterflies to make butterfly cabinets and they did word games, puzzles and mazes.

Elizabeth shows off her exhibit: "Elizabeth's Bones"

Autumn and Jack show off some historic fashions!

Sydney and Autumn are styling!

Sydney's diplays her beautiful artwork and maze skills.
Overall, a wonderful day was had by all. We at the museum certainly had a great time interacting with everyone that came in and enjoyed hearing all of the stories that our Cabinets of Curiosities evoked for them.

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