Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Museum Grounds

Although the inside of the Museum is filled to capacity with neat historical objects, the grounds of the Museum also have much to offer. The sternwheel of the D.A. Thomas steamship, the private cemetery of Felix Akernum Shaw, and the original headstone from H.A. George and family, and other historic pieces are available for viewing.

Recently, there have been two changes to our grounds:

This past Friday, the museum was lucky enough to play host to the artistic talents of the Ground Level Youth Centre. Tianah, Brittany, Savannah, Kaitlynn, Katelyn, and Riley were here to paint the picnic table on the museum grounds for us.


 This table is well used by both Museum staff and the public to enjoy a picnic lunch or a coffee while observing our beautiful river valley. However, we have had difficulties with graffiti on the table as well.

So, in an effort to deter graffiti from marking our table, we asked the Ground Level Youth Centre to come down and intentionally paint the table. Our table now has a beautifully painted river scene with such details as decorated tipis, meat drying on a rack, a black bear, canoes, fish, birds, cabins and a fire pit.

As well, we have opened up our Northwest Mounted Police replica cabin and have set up an exhibit for you to enjoy. A huge thank you to Jeremiah Gloor for building a grid door so that we can leave the cabin open during the day for all those who stroll by on the river walkway.

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